Dr. Wasinrat Nualsiri and HU International Lecturers Joined Teaching Development Project Entitled “Intercultural Language Learning: From Theory to Practice”

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          On 3 December 2020, Dr. Wasinrat Nualsiri, Associate Dean for Research and International Affairs, together with international lecturers, Faculty of Humanities joined the teaching development project, semester 2 academic year 2020. Our guest speaker on this occasion was Associate Professor Dr. Karin Zotzmann, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Her online lecture and discussion were about “Intercultural Language Learning: From Theory to Practice”. This training covered issues of representation of capitalist culture in foreign language textbooks, pedagogical approaches which make foreign language teaching more relevant to students’ context, and the importance of balance between teaching foreign language and culture to develop students’ understanding of humanities and preparation for their future careers. 


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